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| Last Updated:: 21/05/2018

Nutri Phite Shield



Nutri-Phite is a patented formulation of phosphite and organic acids that deliver a powerful nutritional punch plants need to perform at optimal levels. Research has shown Nutri-Phite consistently out-performs all other phosphites. Plant uptake of Nutri-Phite is consistently higher and more readily absorbed through leaf tissue than other forms of common phosphites. Nutri-Phite is stable in solution - a key advantage especially in tank mixes with other micronutrients and pesticides. Unlike other phosphites, Nutri-Phite has superior compatibility due to a patented formulation of organic acids that stabilizes the solution. Non-stabilized phosphites have a higher conversion rate into phosphate leading to increased risk of tank mix degradation and phytotoxicity. The conversion (oxidation) of phosphite (PO3) to phosphate is a common problem when exposed to oxygen. This is particularly problematic in spray applications. The patented organic acid formulation of Nutri-Phite slows this conversion resulting in more plant-available phosphorus and less danger of phytotoxicity. Studies have shown that Nutri-Phite has only a 4% oxidation loss as opposed to 18% with common phosphites. Enhanced biochemical response triggered by Nutri-Phite's patented formulation improves plant health and vigor. Key biochemical pathways function more efficiently building a stronger internal shield against environmental stress.