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| Last Updated:: 16/05/2024

Bhuvan Geoportal

The following maps generated using Bhuvan Portal shows us the details of State wise Plantation in India. Here Three Categories are Present that is Road Side, Greenbelt, and Divider Plantation based on Climatic Condition.
Bhuvan, a product of National Remote Sensing Centre (ISRO), provides an easy way to experience, explore and visualize IRS images over Indian region.
Bhuvan is an initiative to showcase imaging capabilities of ISRO's satellites in multiple spatial resolutions through a web portal. Bhuvan showcases Indian images by the superimposition of these IRS satellite imageries on 3D globe. It displays satellite images of varying resolution of India’s surface, allowing users to visually see things l ike cities and important places of interest looking perpendicularly down or at an oblique angle, with different perspectives and can navigate through 3D viewing environment. Bhuvan web portal enables us to zoom into specific area of interest at high resolution images using its thematic sections.
Bhuvan Plantation Portal
This Section of Bhuvan Portal provides detail geographical representation of agriculture plantation in every state of India.