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| Last Updated::12/09/2023

Major Activity


International Day of Biological Diversity-2022

International Day of Biological Diversity-2022 (22nd May 2022)
On the occasion of "International Day of Biological Diversity-2022" ENVIS-RP-NBRI has organized two online competitions.
(i) Quiz for School students (class 9th to class 12th) and (ii) Slogan writing which was open to all age groups.
Online quiz competition was hosted from 11:00 am to 11:15 am. All the participants have registered themselves for the event.
Total 78 participants have registered. Out of 78, 39 participants registered for online quiz and 17 for slogan writing. 22 were participated in both the competitions.
In quiz competition, 25 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) were asked.
Participants, participated in the slogan competition, were asked to submit a self composed entry online. The language of slogan was allowed both in Hindi and English.
Dr. K.N. Nair, Chief Scientist of Plant Diversity, Systematic and Herbarium Division at CSIR-NBRI delivered a message on “Building a shared future for all life”, the theme of International Day of Biological Diversity, 2022.
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